Why You need iSeePassword iTunes Password Recovery

While iTunes gives you an easy way to back and restore your content, it doesn't give you exit route when you forget the prior setting password. If so, you can't restore your previous backup files and personal data will be accessible. Encrypting a backup is so easy, but it's pretty much difficult to unlock the iTunes backup password. However  iTunes Password Recovery tool can solve all troubles with 3 steps.


  • • You can't restore your recent backup files due to you forgot or lost the password.
  • • iTunes keep prompting you the password you entered was wrong.
  • • iTunes keep asking you to enter the password but you never set.


    break password-protected iTunes backup

    Decrypt iTunes Backup Password, Safe, Easy and Flexible


    This iSeePassword program is designed to unlock the password-protected iTunes backup files, it's a one-tie purchase for unlimited features and use to decrypt iTunes backups with a few steps on your Windows and Mac computer. iTunes Password Recovery application takes advantage of the advances in cryptanalysis to  render cryptographic algorithms insecure.

    Brute force attack on cryptographic algorithm makes it extremely easy and safe to decrypt  the iTunes backup password at any time. It's much more outstanding than other programs in many aspects.


    Safe: The advanced password cracking mechanism, no damage to backup data and computer would be expected. Never leaks out your information.

    • Easy: Only 3 steps required. Import backups - Select attack type - Remove
    • Flexible: You can pause the recovery process at any time and resume the recovery later.
    • Automation: Automatically save your password when it found, and save your searching record every 5 minutes or you can set the time by yourself.
    unlock iTunes backup password

    get back lost password of iTunes backup

    2 Attack Types Ensure High Success Rate

    • • Brute-Force Attack: This decryption mode will randomly compute all possible characters combinations on a particular scale, the shot password can be fast detected with this mode.

    • • Brute-force with Mask Attack: If only remember part characters of your password, you can set password length, characters.etc. The program enables you to set a mask with the mask symbols for those parts you can't remember.

    GPU Acceleration Boosts Computing Power by 30X Faster, Suppot Multi-core CPU

    GPU acceleration is unique to iSeePassword iTunes backup password Recovery tool, it make password analysis process up to forty times faster. It would be time-consuming if using brute force attack to recover passwords, especially with the latest techniques in GPU acceleration, fully supports unlimited numbers of ATI or NVIDIA boards.


    • GPU is available for Windows logon passwords and other data password formats.


    • Multi-core CPUs is supported, the more CPU core your computer has, the faster recovery speed it executes.



    itunes backup password recovery

    The More Functions It Brings to You

    iSeePassword offers a forensic way to access password-protected backups for iPhone,iPad and iPod based on iOS system, it performs advanced powerful attack types with customizable permutations to effectively recover your forgotten iTunes backup password. Let's look at the its main features in the latest update.





    • Import iTunes backup files
    • Select a Proper Attack Mode
    • sett the password
    • Settings
    • start to recover iTunes backup password
    • Copy your password

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    Woo, this is the best iTunes password recovery software I have ever tried, it helped me restore all the photos from iTunes backup after recovering the forgotten password, I would lost all my precious photos without the help of this program, now I got them back, thanks God.




    I recently tried this tool to recover the locked password of my iTunes backup. It gives me a lot of freedom that something noticeably lacking when you other password recovery tools. I liked it a lot, not only for this cheap price but also for the powerful functions. That's why I'm so fond of it.