How to Reset Acer Laptop Password If I Forgot ?

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Acer is one of the most renowned manufactures for laptops. It sold millions of units per year. Some of my friends and family members use Acer laptop as their main working machine. One problem that they came across often is how to recover the admin password of their laptop when password was forgotten. Two of them tried to reinstall the OS but all the precious data on system disk were removed permanently. They really regretted for what they did.

The truth is that you can reset Windows password of any Acer computer without losing a single piece of information unless it was powered by Windows. Password recovery technology has made a huge breakthrough in recent two years due to the high demands of end users. iSeePassword Windows Password Recovery is one of the best among them. It took the team 3 years to release this program from the beta version to stable. The entire password reset process is done in a more enjoyable way. The admin password will be reset with only a few mouse clicks.

Method 1: How to Reset Password on Acer Laptop without Disk

If you owned an Acer desktop/laptop and you just found out that there isn't any pre-created password reset disc when you planned to do a password reset, Never mind. If you still can find another accessible computer beside you, then you can easily create a boot "password reset" disk with the help of iSeePassword Windows Password Recovery program. This program can safely and fast create a reset disk and help directly reset login password on your locked Acer laptop if the computer has no hardware issue.

Supported Acer Mode: Aspire R7/R11/R13/R14, Aspire N Nitro, Aspire S7, Aspire Switch 10/11/11V/12, Aspire V 13/15, Aspire F 15, Aspire E 1/11/S, Aspire Chromebook 11/13/15, C720, Acer One 10/CloudBook, Travel Mate P2/P4/P6/.

Support Windows OS : Windows 10/10.1/10.2, Windows 8/8.1 and Windows 7/Vista/XP

What You Need:

1) A USB driver with no less then 1G capacity or blank DVD or CD.

2) An accessible Windows or Mac computer

3) Password reset tool, directly download it below.


1Find a Normal Computer and Install Windows Password Recovery

Because the Acer computer was locked, you need download adn install Windows Password Recovery on a computer you granted for access. It can be any Windows powered PC. Then download and install the program on that computer. Launch it after installation. The man screen is like this:

use windows password recovery to reset your HP windows password

2Create a Bootable Windows Password Reset Disk with USB or DVD (Take USB for Example)

When you opened the program, there are two options to make a reset disk: One is for USB and the other is for CD/DVD. As CD/DVD becomes rare nowadays, USB is a much better choice. So in the following example, we will take USB for demonstration.

Insert a USB drive on the computer and you need to select the drive name of that USB from the dropdown list. After that, click Burn USB' button to write system image to the USB drive. Eject the drive when burning is finished. It may takes a few minutes. Please be patient for a while.

create a bootable USB or DVD disk

3Insert Windows Reset Disk and Restart Locked Computer

Plug the USB reset disk to the computer with a port you used regularly. So there is no need to install USB drive. This guarantees the content of USB drive will be fully loaded.

Change Boot Order on Password-locked Computer:

On a normal Acer laptop, the first boot priority is set to hard drive. We need to change it to USB so that we can make use of the reset disk. To change boot order on Acer laptop, please follow the instructions listed below:

1.Power on the locked Acer laptop and press F2 key repeatedly to enter BIOS setting.
2.Use right arrow key to select 'Boot' on the top navigation bar.
3.Press down arrow key o select 'Boot order'.
4.Use F5 or F6 key to change the order and press F10 to save the changes you just made. Restart your computer, it will boot from USB drive this time. And Windows reset disk will be loaded into the system.

Boot Computer from USB Drive

4Select Admin Account and Reset Its Password

When the laptop restarted, it won't get into the lock screen. Instead, a graphics interface was loaded. As you can see from the following screenshot, there are 4 steps to reset the password. However, this can be done very easily within 3 clicks. First select a Windows system from 'Step 1' and a user name from 'Step 2'. Then click 'Reset Password' and a small window pops up asking for confirmation. Click 'Yes' to reset the password.

reset your Acer

However, you can add a password later. A few seconds alter, the password of selected account will be set to blank, which means you don't need to type password any more. Take out the USB drive from the computer and reboot. Now you can get into the locked computer lik e normal.


Method 2 : Reset HP Laptop Password with Pre-created Reset Disk

Creating a password reset disk or restore point is one of the top features provided by Windows operating system. Perceptibly, you need to take these precautions before you forget your computer password to make this method work. So, if you are a wise and cautious guy then you must have made a password reset disk before you forgot password.

Step 1. Insert the flash drive that you wished to create the password reset disk.

password reset disk

Step 2. Under the password field, click on "Reset Password" and a new password reset wizard window will pop up.

Reset Password

Step 3. Choose where you have saved the password reset disk and follow through the process.

Step 4. Lastly, change your computer password and finish the process. Use the new setup password to access your system without any problem.

change your computer password


1) Password reset disks must be made before forgetting your computer password.
2) Works with only particular computer from which the password reset disk is created not any others.

The article looks like a complicated one. But in fact, it's quite easy to follow. All the technical details are hidden from users and Windows Password Recovery take all the care of them. However, you need to read the article very carefully unless you totally understood. If you occasionally came across other password reset tools, you will find how user-friendly this program is. It's one of the tools that every Windows user should keep a copy in order to protect them from data loss.


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